Session One: Beginning Practice

In Session One, we begin Artfulness with teachings on the importance of practice. Our hope is that whatever you find in this experience that works for your own promotion of personal well-being becomes something that you come back to again and again.

Click to play the Artfulness: Beginning Practice Video

“Artfulness: Beginning Practice” Video
George Deeb & Arnold J. Kemp

In this short video, a mindfulness practitioner and a practicing artist explain their concepts of practice and what it can mean for you. Both George Deeb and Arnold J. Kemp teach practice in their respective fields. They offer you a way of contextualizing your Artfulness experience and start you off with the a good perspective as you take this time to explore what kind of practice will work best for you.

“Ujjayi” Breathing Exercise
Brinson Leigh Kresge

In this breathing exercise, we are introduced to and then led in the ancient yogic breathing technique of Ujjayi by Brinson Leigh Kresge, who uses this in her yoga practice and teachings.

“Take a 4’33” Wherever You Are” Guided Meditation
Joe Cates

In this guided meditation, Joe Cates takes us to Monroe Park to pay attention to the sounds around us, as if surrounded by a symphony that we need only to tune into, like John Cage’s famous three-movement composition of “silence” called 4’33”.

Choose one art activity.

Pencil icon on blue-green circle

In the “Looking Into” activity, Courtnie Wolfgang has you tap into your imagination to draw what you see in the shapes.

Dance figure on pale green circle

“Linking Breath and Movement: The Practice of Moving Meditation” is a beginning yoga session with Brinson Leigh Kresge and her students.

Camera icon on coral circle

This is an activity for looking with intention and being mindful of what you see. Arnold J. Kemp’s “Color Walk” activity will have you looking at the present in new ways.

Feather pen on turquoise circle

This is an interactive page with Lea Marshall’s “Erasure Poetry” activity. Eliminating words with intention, you are left with a poem all your own.

music note on blue-gray background circle

Find a sense of peace and self-compassion through the act of play, guided by Emma Gauthier.